Gail Wendel is the President and founder of Jersey Healer Chick and this website.  She has a Doctorate in Naturopathy, Master's Degree in Physical Therapy, MT, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and other associated degrees in the arts and sciences.

She is a nationally Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with certifications in Hyponotherapy and Health and Wellness Coach.,

Biofeedback, Iridology, Reflexology, electro-acupuncture, TM, Reiki, IET, fingernail and tongue diagnosis and Thought Field Therapy diagnostics as well as being a Native American Indian Medicine Women.

In addition, she has acquired information and certifications in other modalities, including lymphatic drainage and cranial-sacral therapy.  Ms. Wendel utilizes a combination of her diverse education, training and experience in order to provide a comprehensive treatment approach for each individual to improve health and well-being through alternative therapies.