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The B.E.E.T. which stands for Bio Energetic Exercise Table/Therapy is an amazing device that helps many people with many different conditions and problems. The B.E.E.T. machine gently exercises all the soft tissues of the body (including cells, fascia, muscles, nerves, organs, bones, etc.) as well as all systems (cardio, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive and elimination).

As a result of the “exercise” from the machine, there may be an increase in the overall “balance” in mobility, motility, flexibility functions within the entire body.

Everyone has stress and tension in their lives and thus their bodies, but not everyone holds that tension in the same way, place (or in the same pattern). There are four basic patterns that can be observed in people, thus different locations and types of symptoms observed.

The motion produced by the B.E.E.T. machine goes directly to the source of the stress/tension. This is typically found in muscles along the spine. Primarily on one side of the body or the other. While one side is tense and contracted (hyper-tonic) the opposite side lacks tone and becomes hypo-tonic (super relaxed). This creates the imbalance of hyper vs. hypo tonicity in the body. This imbalance may affect the whole bio-mechanics and function of the body.

The B.E.E.T. wave like motion created by the machine allows for the gradual and gentle removal of the stress/tension pattern and then the body naturally enters into an increasingly deeper state of relaxation. This state is called TRANQUILITY!
Come and experience this truly amazing technology and enjoy the bliss!
The following is a partial list of the personal beneficial results experienced from the use of the B.E.E.T.

* Deep relaxation of Mind, Body and Spirit.

* Increased sense of well being.

* Sense of peace and calming.

* Improved sleep/deeper sleep.

* Feeling rested.

* Feeling rejuvenated. Tingling and alive.

* Improved circulation.

* Increased metabolism.

* Improved immune system.

* Detoxification of the entire body.

* Muscle relaxation.

* As a result of muscle relaxation, there is a decrease in nerve impingement.

* Weight loss.

* Decrease and eventual elimination of cellulite.

* Decreases PTSD symptoms.

* Decreases everyday stress on the body.

* Improves posture.

* Helps to elongate the body do to decrease in muscle contraction along the spine.

* Helps with constipation issues.

* Improves all osmotic processes in the body.

* Decreases Sympathetic Nervous System Reaction (fight or fight response).

* Increases Para-Sympathetic Nervous System action.

* Improves wound healing time.

* Stimulates Chakras (opens and proper spinning).

* Improves energy flow through the meridians (energy pathways in the body to the organs).

* Overall better functioning of the body.

* Promotes deep breathing.

* Stimulates the 3rd eye.

* Improved vision.

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