Energy Shift Healing

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This site has been created for people who need help and perhaps may have even tried other options such as the standard medical route or the alternative natural health path and have not had much success. This site was also created for those who have never tried energy modalities or natural health before and are just simply curious. The help that you are looking for may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic in nature. It may be for issues connected with past, present lifetimes or astral or etherical, etc. worlds. Some just need help learning that this “stuff” really does exist. Some don't understand that there are other dimensions, time/space continuum’s and vortexes and other types of beings such as angelic and evil. Furthermore, not everyone will understand what “energy” means or does nor how or why “energy” can be used to make shifts in your life known as a healing. It is not necessary to understand all of this “stuff” to get a blessing or a much needed and long awaited healing. But it does require a want/need as well as the courage to look outside the box into unfamiliar territory for help. 

If any of what I just said makes sense to you, then you are in the right place. As time goes on I will add more information, experiences, case/client stories. This way you can see and hear others situations and what they did to work their way out of a bad place with help of an energy shifting healer. Sometimes even a small shift can make a world of difference and bring inner peace and healing which seemed impossible before. Sometimes the healing approach is through a physical approach and sometimes it's through an emotional or mental one. But regardless of how or where we start, the end results can be exciting and positive, giving hope for the future for that person. Over the years I have worked mostly face to face or over the phone. More often than not people travel to see me and many times I may have to travel to them. When travel is not possible for either party, then a phone consult is best with a distance healing afterward and an option for a written program with additional options for healing can be provided.


What is Energy?

Energy is not just the electricity that comes out of the outlet on your wall in your house. Energy can be man made or naturally (God) made. Everything is energy and energy is in everything and is everywhere. Energy is invisible. Energy is made and stored in the physical body as we are much like batteries...we are capable of being recharged. We can recharge ourselves with rest, meditation, electrons, ions, water, electrolytes, music and technologies of all kinds. Energy is information. Energy is knowledge. Energy is a frequency or wavelength(s). Energy can be received (taken in) and given and yes even taken. You may recall the terms “energy sucker” or “energy vulture”. Energy can be used for both good and bad, for right and wrong, in the body or outside the body. Energy can be sent through the air (atmosphere) at close range and far away – distance does not matter. Energy can be sent from human to human, human to animal, animal to human, equipment to human, human to equipment, from the universe to human and animals and from mind to mind. Even a house can emit bad energy and sensitive individuals can pick up that energy as a thought or feeling or bodily sensation. Other dimensional beings and dark energies/entities can take and receive energy but not usually for good reasons. Actually, your thought is an energy as well as your intention. The thought is wavelength that vibrates on a specific frequency/ies. Thus, one person who is...let's say psychic may subconsciously pick up the thoughts, emotions, intentions, aches, pains and sufferings of another. Some of these people are known as empaths, sympathizers, psychics, mediums, intuitives and sometimes just called weird and considered outliers. But in all reality, these people have been given a talent and then had to realize they had it and then practice and perfect their craft. This is usually not an easy much work is required to learn and perfect their skills.

As a healer, I must be careful to understand that I am giving energy every time I work on or consult with a client. I am an electron donor, my client is an electron receiver. That is a fact and that is the truth. This is why so many care givers (of all types) get drained, feel tired and eventually can't “do it” anymore. Therefore, I must pay special attention to my own battery's charge and make sure it does not get to low – for if it does, fatigue, illness, sickness, pain and dis-ease will enter my world. So I must go forward and re-charge myself....and in reality this should be a daily thing, but healers and care givers usually don't and then they get themselves in trouble and then get sick. Then who is there for them? This natural law theory is true for everyone...not just healers or caregivers. The young/youth have tons of energy and notice as the years go on and the person goes into older age, the energy has been depleted. This is one of the reason's people accept the concept of death and dying....they just don't have the energy or drive to go on anymore.

The energy system of the human body is vast and complex and even protrudes out of the skin to the space around the body. There are several layers beyond the skin but in all honesty, your aura can go out a mile or more picking up/receiving and sending energy or information. Now there is the central nervous system (CNS), which includes the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves within the human body which makes the body move, feel and function as well. This is the typical medical model approach. But then there is so much more than that in all reality as far as energy, health and healing goes. In the alternative healing world, we see and use other systems that are even more sensitive and powerful than the physical stuff. For example, the chakra system. There are 7 main chakras (really over 20+), but let's stay with the main 7.


Then there is the meridian system for which there are 12 pairs of separate pathways spanning throughout the body representing various areas of the body and their own specific organs and functioning as well as the body's overall health. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that matter is infused with Chi (a subtle energy), which manifests itself through vibration, flow and waves of movement. It is this Chi energy that flows through the meridians. This intricate web or matrix can be compared to as a second central nervous system which connects the physical body and the more subtle energy system that surrounds it and goes way beyond it. The seven main chakras are linked inextricably to the meridian system.

The fluid movements of Sundao, Tai Chi and QiGong and techniques of acupuncture and acupressure apply the knowledge of the meridians to eliminate the blockages of energy and treat the dis-ease.

Therefore, diseases are nothing more than a stop of energy flow in the body. The circulation of this subtle energy can eliminate this blockage, and thus “cure” the dis-ease.

The meridians connect and pass through the body's organs (like rivers of energy constantly moving, flowing in and out of each other). In addition to the energy channels already mentioned, there are eight others, the so-called extraordinary meridians, which run between the etheric and the physical body and act as a sort of energy reserve, borrowing from the meridian points of the organs and creating their passages between the nervous and circulatory systems. These meridians are linked to the vitality and the emotional/mental states of the person. Their primary function is to feed the main meridians with Qi energy, life force. The most important extraordinary meridian moves along the center of the body, connecting directly with the major chakras which are connected to the subtle bodies. Those bodies can enter and leave the body through various chakras or entry points. The subtle system of energy can be viewed as a series of diaphanous layers maintained in place by thin membranes that separate them, but at the same time allow them to extend into one another. As for the aura, it is important to remember that it is a reflection of the physical vitality: the more balanced and healthy and the larger the auric field. The latter can also extend to more than a mile from the body, since its energy invests the whole system of subtle bodies. In poor health, the aura is very close to the body in order to conserve vital energy. The whole system of energy is constantly moving and these energies will exchange, redistribute and re-balance constantly given there is sufficient energy. 

It is through these amazingly complex and powerful chakra and meridian systems that all information flows both inside and outside. It is where all sickness or dis-ease begins and it is where all clearing of the old unwanted junk and the rejuvenation and healing begins. This is where an energy healer such as myself works to effect change. Speaking only for myself, I can see auras and chakras...sometimes I must focus in order to see them but it does reveal itself quickly. I also get information from the clients mind field which appears as lines on the clothes or words (english) on the forehead or in the field around the body. Sometimes it reveals itself as an entire sentence and sometimes just as a word or person of issue that must be treated. I have learned to trust myself more and more over the years. But I always use applied kinesiology known as muscle testing throughout my session to confirm not just to myself but for the client as well. I also use the muscle testing before and after an energy treatment so the client can also see the shift in energy as well as feel it. I also work with the physical body and health issues in my consultation as well as spiritual and energy shifting. I prefer to see someone at least twice to shift the energy because it is a lot of information to take in and energy moving in and out and not to mention the person can get overloaded. Also, after clearing and shifting those energies...issues that were stored deeper in the body or subconscious and conscious minds now find their way to the forefront...ready for their turn to be removed or shifted. This is called the new normal after your first treatment. Then again another new normal after the second treatment and so on. It is best for the client to rest and hydrate after a session avoiding heavy, greasy and junk foods or alcohol. The second appointment can be the next day or a week/month later, but best not to wait a year as your body has begun its “detox” process and the rejuvenation part has begun....let's finish it. This can be a wonderful, inspiring and enlightening experience that lets the shift happen for you. You will not be disappointed.

Many people (adult, adolescent and child) are suffering from stress and emotional distress from events that have occurred in this lifetime and from past lifetimes, in this lifetime. For example, it has been observed that very thin or the opposite...overweight/obese people are highly over stressed people, (perhaps very sensitive people do to traumas) are out of balance and as a result, find it difficult to handle stress. As a result of this stress and imbalance, they quickly or gradually but continuously begin to decline in many ways. There is hope and help for these folks. There is a way to test to confirm this imbalance and from where and how it came to be......this is the work that I do.

In addition, to working through and with the chakra, meridian, EMF, past life, subconscious, conscious and other energy systems, we find another point of interest with the polarity and balancing of the body. For example, do you find yourself banging into things, spilling your drink, feeling out of place or focus, accident prone, clutsy, clumsy and having recall or memory issues....regardless of age? If your answer is yes.....then you may be out of balance and/or suffer with a switching condition. If your brain is out of balance from one hemisphere to the other, then you will experience these things. Consequently, you will need to be “reset” and “rebalanced” before you can become whole again. Many people will have this situation and will benefit from this therapy. 

So now, I will recommend that you go to each of the 4 body types (physical, emotional, etc.) and look over each one slowly and thoughtfully. See which items resonate with you and with your specific personal situation. Does any one or more of these headings have topics/issues or symptoms related to your concerns? Write those items down on a piece of paper along with your thoughts on them. Be clear and thorough as you think about those topics. Then email us or call us to make an appointment for your own individualized private consultation. I will make recommendations to you and if requested or required, make a personalized wellness program and provide a variety of treatments that will be appropriate for you.




Aches, pains, muscles, joints, bones, bacteria, virus, blood, nerves, organs/meridians, chakras, too much energy, too low energy, specific diagnosed condition, unknown condition, toxicity, inflammation.



Fear, anger, shame, guilt, stress, anxiety, panic, mania, OCD, depression, resentment, feeling incompetent and not good enough, apathy, PTSD, desperation, sadness.



Can't shut off the mind, hearing voices, conscious dramas/traumas, subconscious dramas/traumas, over thinking, over controlling, having crazy thoughts.



Feeling lost and with no direction, having no or little faith in God now or ever, demonic thoughts/visions or activity, demonic attacks, Kundalini experiences (past or present), heart chakra openings, spiritual downloads from source that may be confusing or overwhelming, seeing sacred geometries or other beings from other dimensions, knowing your purpose or not knowing your purpose, why are we here and what's it all about.


The Chakras

Chakras are circular (or flower petal shaped) vortexes of energy lying across seven different points on our spinal column. The seven chakras are connected to different glands and organs in the body and are responsible for uniform distribution (circulation) of energy or “Chi” (also called “Qi” or Prana or life energy) through them. When there is a disruption in this life energy or a blockage in any one or more chakras, the individual may suffer from health or mental issues. Thus, the chakras form the energy ecosystem of every individual. A deficiency in this energy system can wreak havoc in the different areas of life. The chakras can be defined as the “transformers”, which at the same time receive, assimilate and transmit energy. They are able to collect and store different types of energy, and can also change their vibrations so to use that energy for different purposes. The chakras receive information on the status of the subtle bodies continuously. The seven chakra centers control the major glands of the endocrine system and affect both the physical and psychological.

The First or Base Chakra

The First or Base Chakra is called Mooladhara and is the root chakra represented by the color red. The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Mooladhara chakra (mool means root). The root chakra defines our relationship to Earth. It impacts our vitality, passion and survival instincts. The red chakra colors are also indicative of our need for logic and order, physical strength and sexuality as well as the fight or flight response when faced with danger. The sense of smell in the human body is connected to the root chakra. The gland to which the root chakra is attached is the gonads.

The Solar plexus Chakra

The Sanskrit word for this chakra is ManiPura Chakra which literally translates to “city of jewels”. Thus the solar plexus chakra is the personal power chakra that is responsible for one’s personal and professional success. The chakra colors yellow of this energy vortex are associated with fire, energy, charge etc. This element of fire, when balanced and harmonious allows one to feel more confident, cheerful and energetic along with a right amount of respect for self and others. Our sense of sight is associated with the solar plexus chakra. The glands or organs associated with solar plexus chakra are adrenal glands. 

The Throat Chakra

The Vishuddhi chakra refers to our true voice. As the name suggests, the Throat chakra with its chakra colors Blue is associated with the ability to communicate, listen etc. The glands to which the Throat chakra is attached are the esophagus, ears, throat, thyroid, jaws, teeth and neck vertebrae. The ethereal element of the throat chakra, when balanced, allows an individual to have pleasant voice, artistic abilities, expressive ways and also the ability to be in a higher place spiritually. The individuals with balanced throat chakra are able to meditate well and use their energy efficiently and artistically.

The Crown Chakra  

This chakra is known as Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit and is associated with the chakra colors of violet or purple. The crown chakra is associated with the pituitary gland, nervous system, and the brain and head region with its element of light. In its balanced state, this chakra can render individuals the ability to perform miracles, transcend the laws of nature, and have a heightened awareness of death and immortality.

The Second or Sacral Chakra

The Sanskrit word for the sacral chakra is the Swadhisthana chakra. The chakra colors associated with sacral chakra are orange. Swadhisthana chakra relates to the water element in the human body. The chakra colors orange impact sexuality, reproductive function, joy, desire and even creativity, compassion for others etc. The sense of Taste is associated with the Sacral chakra. Glands and organs impacted by this chakra include the lymphatic system, female reproductive organs, large intestine, pelvis, bladder etc. 

The Heart Chakra  

Anahata Chakra or the heart chakra is associated with the chakra colors Green. This chakra influences our relationships and has the Air element. A weak heart chakra is responsible for sabotaging the relationships through distrust, anger and envy etc. Sense of touch is impacted by the heart chakra and the glands connected to it are thymus and lymph.

The Brow/Third Eye Chakra

The Ajna Chakra literally translates to “center of knowing or monitoring”. This chakra is associated with chakra colors Indigo and is connected to the Pineal or pituitary gland. Those with a well balanced brow chakra can have telepathic abilities, charismatic personality and they often do not have any fear of death. The element of electricity or telepathy along with the chakra colors of Indigo are associated with our sense of thought. 


Once you have become aware of the 7 Chakras, their colors and meanings, we can consider activating any of the many methods of awakening and strengthening them in order to balance all areas of your life. Once you do this it can help you stay mentally and physically fit, and also improve your financial/professional lives.