Far Infrared Therapy

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Q.    What is Far Infrared Sauna (FIR)?

A.    The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into three segments by wavelength measured in microns.  5.6 to 1000 microns is "far" infrared.  This invisible band of light warms objects without warming the air between the source and the object.  For example, about 80% of the sun's rays fall into the infrared range.  (This is very  different than harmful ultraviolet rays!!)  When you go outside on a cold winter day, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  The heat you feel is created when the rays of far infrared light enters your body.  Our bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin.  Palm healing, which has been practiced in China for 3,000 years, is based on the natural healing properties of far infrared.

Q.    How does FIR therapy work?

A.    It duplicates the healthy far infrared frequencies.  Tissues selectively absorb these rays as the water in the cell reacts in a process called "resonant absorption".  Resonant absorption occurs when the frequency of the far infrared matches the frequency of the water in the cell causing the toxins to be dropped off in the blood stream and excreted.

Q.    What is involved with having a sauna FIR treatment?

A.    Essentially, you will undress and entire the sauna (which will be pre-heated). You will be given water, towels and instructions on the use of the sauna. At that time you will sit down inside the sauna, get yourself situated and begin the heating up process. You can have the light on or off, or you can listen to the stereo or even read a book. Some people simply choose to be quiet and meditate while their having treatment.

There are several things that the client is required to do for his sauna treatment:

*Drink plenty of water before, during and after their session.
*Be prepared to get hot, sweat and detox during the session.
*Sit back, relax and enjoy every deep heating, deep tissue-detox moment.

Q.    What should I expect after the sauna session?

A.    It feels wonderful. You should expect to feel relaxed, renewed, rejuvenated and very calm.

Q.    Will I sweat at all during the first session?

A.    Some people who are used to detox, saunas  and/or sweating a lot, will actually sweat from beginning to end of their sauna. Others who are not used to it, may take 10-20 minutes in the heat of the sauna before they begin to sweat. But eventually, everyone sweats and sweats a lot. We will provide you with water, electrolytes and towels for each session you have.

Q.    What can far infrared sauna therapy do for me?

A.    The beneficial side effects may include:  stimulation of the immune system, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, calorie expenditure, pain relief, cellulite reduction, decrease in stress levels and excretion of heavy metals.  Not bad for just sitting in a sauna!!

Q.    Are there any contradictions to FIR sauna therapy?

A.    Yes, if you have hemophilia, MS, are pregnant (or are a nursing mother), or if you are currently seeking medical attention and are on drugs for a specific condition, you should not use far infrared sauna therapy.

Q.    How long is a session?

A.    30-to 45 minutes.  It depends on the temperature you can tolerate and your experience level.  Of course, water, music and towels are supplied.

Q.    Do I wear clothes while having a sauna session?

A.    Not usually. You will be sweating so much, as a result from the dry high heat, that you will probably not feel comfortable wearing clothes at all. If so you choose, you may wear a pair of shorts and tee shirt, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Q.    How much does it cost?

A.    It cost $50.00 for a one (1) hour session.  (One hour includes time for getting changed and up to 45 minutes in the sauna.)  The cost for 2 people in the sauna at the same time is $55.00 per session.