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Q.    What is Hering's Law?

A.    Hering's Law states that: “All healing occurs from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared.”

Q.    Who came up with Hering's Law of Cure?

A.    Many years ago, a now famous Doctor observed this healing phenomenon and Thus, this healing event was named after him, Dr. Constantine Hering.

Q.    What does Hering's Law mean?

A.    Hering's Law describes an event or process that may occur after you begin to detox or do a cleanse on your body, especially if you have cleansed too much and/or too fast. Essentially, the body will follow a certain pattern of healing as described below:

“From within-out” - getting rid of toxic accumulations from the inside of the body to the outside (through the skin).

“From the head down” - A good philosophy is part of getting well-a philosophy that brings cheerfulness, happy moments and an attitude of determination to overcome. Where is a person’s philosophy? The answer is in the head. The person who nurtures hate, destructive ideas, misery and other negative feelings is sowing the seeds of dis-ease, not health. Such an individual will experience difficulty in getting well. We must re-evaluate and restructure the “nourishment” that goes into the body in order to regenerate and rejuvenate the body.

“In reverse order that the symptoms appeared” - Recent conditions leave first, earlier conditions leave or are eliminated last. It may take years for organs in a chronic state to revitalize to the point where old, dried catarrh (mucous) can liquefy and be brought out through the eliminative channels.

Q.    What exactly happens with a healing crisis?

A.    As a patient is being brought out of a chronic condition by all natural means, old dried-up mucous membranes become moist again. Through movement of catarrh, toxins and wastes that were once trapped in the affected parts of the body are carried away. This marks the onset of a healing crisis. While it may seem that the disease has returned, the difference is that the healing crisis comes at a time when the patient's general health has greatly improved, and the elimination of catarrh is simply a step in the “reversal of symptoms” as predicted by Hering's Law. The elimination is frequently accompanied by fever and always accompanied by tissue inflammation. It is only through a complete elimination

through the healing crisis and the re-balancing of the chemical elements that a cure to be manifested. Allopathic medicine knows this process as a Herzheimer Reaction.

Q.    What is catarrhal discharge?

A.    A catarrhal discharge is an inflammation of the mucous membranes with a resulting free discharge of mucous. It is completely normal and the desired result.

Q.    What are the symptoms of a healing crisis?

A.    Everybody is different and has had different experiences, illnesses, genes, etc.and thus will respond/react differently than others. Some people will experience symptoms such as sore throat, swollen glands, and headaches. Others will complain of low grade fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Many also re-experience past illnesses and traumas. But these symptoms do not last as long as the original illness nor are they as severe. Most healing crises will last approximately a few days before they quickly disappear. Some healing crisis can be severe, last a week or more and be quite scary; some can be quite subtle and barely even noticeable. The key is not to panic if you have a healing event. Just

be aware that you may be experiencing a healing crisis, if you have been doing things such as fasting, cleansing or altering the quality of ingested foods, improving your standard of living and increasing your pH level.