Ionic Detox Foot Bath FAQs

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Q.    What is a Foot-bath?

A.    A foot-bath is a health system developed by international scientists and researchers as a therapeutic aid for revitalization and well being.  It combines the scientific principles behind the cleansing process of  a therapeutic hot spring and the healing energy force of water with the natural "Chi" energy of the body. It is used to invigorate, energize and detoxify the body.

Q.    What is the basic premise of the Foot-bath technology?

A.    The basic premise behind the technology is to increase the charge on the cell membrane reducing surplus hydrogen ions - restoring proper cellular function and increasing the body's ability to start processing the toxins efficiently again.  Whereby, ideally the liver and kidneys begin to remove more of the stored toxins, reducing the load on the rest of the body's systems.

Q.    How does it work?

A.    When the body is low on energy, a Foot-bath can assist the body through the medium of water, giving it a useable energy boost - just like a car battery getting a "jump start".  The water is safely stimulated by electrical input from the Foot-bath's module or array.  This causes the water to become excited and produce the energy that your body will absorb and utilize.  Energy goes through the water, in through the skin on your feet, then travels through the meridian system, where it then goes to work where ever necessary in the body. All you need to do is just sit on a chair with your feet in a water filled plastic container with an array between your feet.

Q.    Why use the therapeutic detox Foot-bath?

A.    Toxins, chemicals, pollution, radiation, heavy metals, synthetics, etc. surround us no matter what we do.  It simply is the result of the environment we live in.  This system is used to balance and enhance the bio-energy or "power level" that is stored within and utilized by the cells of our body.  When "power levels" drop within our body, our cellular function decreases and could even go into a dormant state.  When this happens, you could feel drained, lethargic and/or even sick and tend to find it much harder to heal or recover from injuries or illnesses. Using an ionic detox Foot-bath is a quick, easy, safe, painless way of cleansing and energizing yourself to higher states of health and well-being.

Q.    Is it having a detox Foot-bath session safe?

A.    Absolutely!!  The process is non-toxic and will produce a clean, pure charge with no friction or resistance. There are no negative side effects and you will not experience any pain or discomfort from this therapy.

Q.    What are the benefits?

A.    Many people claim to feel quite relaxed afterwards, while describing feeling refreshed and recharged.  In addition, the Foot-bath assists your body to detox which includes substances such as bacterias, viruses, chemicals and heavy metals.  Detox can also take place through the bowel, bladder and skin.  This therapy leaves you feeling tingly all over while also feeling cleaner and lighter.

Q.    Does it hurt?

A.    NO!!  You just sit with your feet in warm water.  It is very relaxing and calming! Just sit back and enjoy.

Q.    What is the cost?

A.    The cost is $55-$60.00 per session depending on how long your session lasts.

Q.    How long does it take?

A.    Approximately 45 minutes per session (with your feet in the bath water), but plan for at least 1 hour for your entire appointment.

Q.    How many sessions are necessary to achieve the benefits?

A.    The benefits can be felt after the first session.  However, a 17 - 35 minute session every second day for 14 complete sessions is recommended. We further suggest that you purchase your own system.  In this situation the more (Foot-baths) the better regarding usage and benefits. We can assist you with financing if necessary.

Q.    Can I order a Foot-bath for use at home?

A.    Yes, you can order one of these units from us through this website at a discounted retail price!!  If you are an ongoing client of this company, an additional special discounted price can be arranged. Just contact us by phone or e-mail regarding your interest in one of our foot-baths.

Q.    Is there anyone who should not use the Foot-bath?

A.    Yes!!  If you have a battery operated implant (ie. Pacemaker), received an organ transplant, are pregnant or are on life sustaining prescription drugs or drugs that are critical for maintaining your current health status, then foot-bath therapy is not right for you.

Q.    What does a Foot-bath system consist of?

A.    All detox Foot-baths consist of the base unit with electrical cable, an ornament (or array) that goes into the water and a plastic tub for the water/array and your feet to be placed.

Q.    How much does a Foot-bath cost?

A.    It depends as there are many different units from many different manufacturers. Some systems are computerized, some digital, some leave your water clear and some leave your water dirty. Some of the foot-bath systems are intended for the professional and some for home usage. So prices vary. They can range from $1100.- $4,000, with an average  cost of about $2200. We do carry a practitioner unit that we sell to clients for $1800. It is quite a strong and effective unit. Ask us about this ionic Foot-bath system.