RainDrop Technique FAQs

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Q.    What is the RainDrop Technique ?

A.    The RainDrop technique is a gentle massage method developed by Dr. G. Young, combining the arts of aromatherapy, massage and the Vita-Flex technique.  (SET LINK FOR VITA-FLEX TECHNIQUE.)  Depending on the treatment objective, this technique can be performed in a variety of ways with almost any combination of essential oils.

Q.    What is the Vita-Flex Technique ? (might want to put a separate LINK for this)

A.    Believed to have originated in Tibet, the Vita-Flex Technique is a variation of reflexology, which seals in the energy so it can travel throughout the body.  When used in conjunction with the RainDrop Technique, Vita-Flex helps join together aromatherapy and massage for a truly remarkable experience.

Q.    How long does a RainDrop session take ?

A.    A session can take 1 - 1.5 hours.  Most people typically choose the 1 hour session.

Q.    What will the RainDrop Technique do for you ?

A.    The RainDrop Technique is a non-invasive, powerful technique that enables the enhancement of the structural and electrical alignment of your body.  Therapeutic-grade essential oils vibrate at frequencies that affect the human body by restoring balance and normal function to weak body systems and promoting well being physically, mentally and emotionally.

Because no two people are alike, people experience different outcomes.  Some people feel invigorated while others feel very relaxed.  You definitely will not be disappointed !

Q.    What is the cost for a session ?

A.    $90 per session including oils.