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Q.    What is Thought Field Therapy?

A.    Thought Field Therapy, (TFT), is a revolutionary technique of dealing with psychological problems.  In TFT, the client is asked to think about a specific issue that is troublesome.  This is commonly an anxiety, phobia, trauma, loss or feeling of anger and guilt (basically any human emotion).  The client is then asked to quantify the feeling on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the most intense feeling.  Next, the client follows a tapping sequence on his or her body in specific places or energy points.  The client will not be able to get back the original feelings of upset around the identified issue.

Q.    Five reasons for Thought Field Therapy.

A.    (1) It is extremely powerful and efficient.  You will receive immediate relief from your suffering and treatment appears to be permanent.

(2)  It can be taught to nearly anyone so that clients can not only treat themselves, but treat others affected.

(3)  It does not and cannot ever do harm.

(4)  It does not require the client to talk about their troubles, something that often causes more emotional pain and discourages many from seeking treatment.

(5)  It is extremely fast and long lasting.

Q.    How long does a Therapy Field Therapy treatment last?

A.    The results of studies conducted by Dr. Charles R. Figley and Dr. Joyce Carbonell have shown that clients have long lasting results, even permanent in most cases.

Q.    How does Thought Field Therapy work?

A.    Although Thought Field Therapy utilizes the same system as acupuncture, they are different in that Thought Field Therapy operates directly on the thought field (the negative or positive emotion and the accompanying sensations of a specific thought), while acupuncture is used for physical problems and requires painful needles to be inserted into acupuncture points.

Research has found that specific energy points located on the surface of the body exist.  These spots have been identified as places on the surface of the skin where there is less electrical resistance.  Put another way, these spots are better able to conduct energy through the surface of the skin and into the nervous system.

Q.    What are perturbations?

A.    Dr. Roger Callahan has summarized that when we tap at certain known points along the acupuncture meridian, we are tapping energy into these points.  He further proposes that disturbances accompanying certain unpleasant thoughts are caused by a "perturbation" within that thought field.  Perturbations refer to things that are disruptive or disturbing.  It is possible that thoughts which are disturbing are due to electrical imbalances which accompany those thoughts.  Therefore, if you balance the energy in relation to the thought, there is no longer a disturbance.  By tapping on a designated energy spot, you may create a field that gets the electrical current moving in a healthy and vigorous way again, thus decoding the negative messaging which had formerly been encoded.

Q.    Why Thought Field Therapy?

A.    Without a doubt, our thoughts exist in some kind of form and in a very real way.  Thought Field Therapy changes the energy in the field which is paired with a particular thought or memory.  Our thoughts/memories often exert a powerful influence over our lives and over the lives of others.  Sometimes, however, when those memories are not useful but get in the way of our well-being, Thought Field Therapy can help us free ourselves and others of burdensome feelings and emotions which sometimes accompany specific thoughts and memories.

Q.    What conditions do Thought Field Therapy help with or treat?

A.    This is what is so amazing about TFT. It can treat everything and anything quickly and effectively. TFT assists the client in dealing with and eliminating human ego issues such as anger, resentment, fear, shame, guilt, ADD/ADHD, OCD, mood/affect disorders, weight problems, addictions (all of them) and much more.

Q.    Does Thought Field Therapy hurt?

A.    Absolutely not! Thought Field Therapy is painless and easy to do. Most people feel calm and peaceful afterwards, others are shocked at how good they feel, some feel so relaxed that they feel almost sleepy, but everyone feels significantly better afterwards.

Q.    How long does a session last?

A.    It depends.  It can take anywhere from one half hour to one hour depending on the number of topics being covered. We recommend working on no more than 2 topics at a time in a 1 hour session.

Q.    How much does Thought Field Therapy cost?

A.    It depends on how many topics that are dealt with and how long the session lasts. Usually sessions don't last long. It can take up to ½ hour to overcome a topic. Many people deal with 2 or more issues which can take an hour or so. Therefore, it is well worth it to schedule an hour long session for yourself so that we can get to know each other and get going on your top areas of concern. Our hourly rate for Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is $65.00.