Trauma Elimination Therapy

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Just talking about your trauma/dramas - doesn't appear to work. Energy techniques, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Intuitive work and modalities of all types used for treating victims of rape, molestation, PTSD, pedophilia and overall general traumas from living very much possible, is here now, is effective, is efficient, is not painful and is available for ALL people.

You can always utilize the mainstream medicine or (AMA) or mainstream psychological (APA) modes of treatment...but this is at the very least a slow, redundant and not so effective process......and also.....get in line and wait your turn.....just ask our Vets! 

It matters not whether you are witness to or a victim of a rape, molestation, pedophilia, car accident or a soldier in some war venue. Life is but a stage that we all live on and not every life or day is a beautiful and easy flowing one.

More often than not these appears that just about everyone has a “not so good” story to tell, which leaves them confused, scared, lost and completely out of answers as to what to do, where to look, whom to turn to and eventually who to trust. 

Consequently, all this fear, confusion and uncertainty as to what to do/where to go, in addition to the original traumas themselves...leave these victims almost incapable of doing or functioning on a daily basis. Then as time goes on and no help is received  (or not the right help), the individual is even worse off then when they started.

For example, going the route of a psychologist or psychiatrist (in house) for someone in the military is a very scary if not dangerous decision. As divulging one's fears, weaknesses, phobias, rape story(ies), PTSD traumas (war time or not), could and frequently does come back to jeopardize their privacy, careers, upward mobility, physical safety, security, the embarrassment aspect and possibly income/salary, etc.

This same story is true and quite common on Main Street, USA everyday... as women/men who have PTSD from childhood rape/molestation/pedophilia experiences (or even from emotionally, mentally, verbally, physically abusive parents/spouses), eventually leads to a combination of negative mental, emotional, physical and spiritual (MEPS) damage for that person and even of the rest of his family. 

These individuals with MEPS damage over time wear down throughout stressful life events and changing life cycles and their condition becomes major chronic degenerative issues and illnesses. 

Depression, anger (rage), nervous breakdowns, isolation, drug and alcohol abuse, violent outbreaks and suicide are  some of the conditions that can occur as a result. Sooner or later, and as a direct result the biological life force of the person decreases. They feel more and more tired, lethargic and have “no energy”. 

This is the beginning of the dis-ease process. If no help is received, this life force will continue to spiral downward until real MEPS diseases have manifested. At this point -  there is no energy and symptoms can be officially diagnosed as a ICD10 medical condition(s). Don't wait this long...time can and does become an issue for people at this stage. 

The good energy must be raised and negative energies such as traumatic and abusive experiences, known also as “frequencies”, permanently eliminated from the body/mind.

Even when one's personal situation feels and looks like it has hit rock bottom – it is not too late! There is help!! It 's very true that finding the right person for the right job is a real concern and can be a problem on numerous levels and degrees. 

Proximity, time and scheduling factors, financial costs, locating a practitioner who is experienced, knowledgeable, open minded and able to do effective therapies (energy modalities) is crucial. Talk therapy is not enough. 


Just talking about your trauma/dramas - doesn't appear to work. We understand that you're looking to feel safe and secure in your one on one healing therapeutic experience. You will receive a private therapy session where you know that your job, boss, spouse, family will not be involved if you choose not to tell them. 


Not billing insurance ensures that it won't go out into the medical/insurance system and then over the internet to be hacked later on. This is peace of mind!!


We have a protective system which is located in our subconscious mind known as defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms are commonly known as denial, fear, anger/rage, projection, reaction formation, regression, etc. 


These defense mechanisms work automatically – subconsciously to protect you from perceived dangers, people, places and situations. This is yet another major issue for the traumatized individual who suffers from these MEPS problems. 


They must consciously realize and admit that they have this problem (s) and want to seek help for them This conscious awareness (realization) of one's need for getting help from a therapist, is an issue for many MEPS injured people.


As a result of these defense mechanisms, the conscious mind (3% of your mind) is unaware that your subconscious mind is doing this protective interference for your benefit. The individual does not even know that they are controlled by defense mechanisms such as denial, etc., let alone why he has them.


But these defense mechanisms work and work well, for the individual protecting him from the conscious mind's pain and suffering and while also keeping him in the dark. Consequently, the longer you stay in the dark, unaware and untreated, the greater possibility that the “mole hill will turn into the mountain” (or even a volcano). 


This is the when, where, how and why the original trauma (s) manifest into MEPS conditions and damage. In an example of a deep seated fear that someone might have, his central nervous system (CNS), specifically the autonomic nervous system (ANS), will be under constant stress and strain.  


Over time, one may have difficulty eating, sleeping, concentrating or have mild to severe shaking in the hands/heads. In that same example of fear, one can also have issues with the immune system involving lymph nodes, lymphatic circulation, tumors (lymphomas) and immunity issues.


Now that same fear can also affect the emotional and mental aspects of the person. A perfect example of the effects of fear on someone after years of suffering from trauma, would be panic or anxiety attacks. Many people do not realize that they are not having heart issues/attacks, but are overwhelmed by fear.


Prolonged emotional stress from fear can lead to more severe emotional and mental issues, culminating in the inability to work, have fun, make decisions and move forward in life.


Finally, it should be said that you are not to blame for these traumatic abusive situations and experiences. Welcome to the good and bad aspects of life. You are not crazy, different or weird. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. 


You may even enjoy the therapeutic experience while eliminating those things that have haunted you. Even one appointment is powerful. We are available for in office or at your home visits, or distance healing sessions