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Come and experience this new and amazing therapy. Known as Vibroacoustic Therapy or “Passive Neuro Stimulation”, this healing therapeutic bed enhances and delivers natural stimulants through a passive and non-evasive process of stimulation to the brain and nervous system.

This therapy involves a non-medical vibration system that provides audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body. As you rest on the soft and comfortable bed, the system delivers “natural stimulants” in an effective yet subtle process that exercises your central nervous system (CNS).

Each therapeutic session is designed to achieve various outcomes. Most sessions are 30 minutes long to induce the relaxation response without causing the client to fall into deep sleep. Motion and vibroacoustic therapy has different influences on physiological processes within each individuals body. Therefore each individual will experience a unique response, allowing for a effective and positive therapy for different conditions and disturbances. All sessions are composed with a combination of a mixture of tones, frequencies and binaural beats to stimulate the natural healing capabilities within the body.

Although there are many conditions and dis-eases (uses) that this therapy treats, the purpose for it is quite simple. The main goals for this Vibroacoustic Therapy is to relax, de-stress and restore both the mind and body. Further, we have found that this therapy can extend the mobility of clients with neurological disorders and move them into a state that may reduce their reliance on life-long medications.


What are the therapies incorporated in the Vibroacoustic Therapeutic System?

Vibroacoustics - is defined as “the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body.” This is accomplished with special transducers designed to vibrate the body with optimal psychological and physical impact. Vibroacoustic music (VAM) resonates the body directly through nerves, skin, and bones – the sound is not directed to the ears.

Music therapy and Brain Entrainment – music or sound therapy as it is also called is not new. Brainwave entrainment is proven to be a safe, simple and pleasant way to relieve a variety of symptoms. It is now used in hospitals and clinics around the world.
Session Progression:
*Audio relaxes and quiets the mind.
*Binaural beats guide the brain into an meditative state.
*Vibroacoustic therapy provides a stimulation of cells, increasing blood flow and promoting lymph drainage.



The Vibroacoustic sessions are created to include clients that may require therapy to extend mobility, manage pain, reduce stress, rehabilitative therapy, patients recovering from surgery and provide sensory stimulation for individuals with progressive neurological diseases and disorders.

The client will enjoy a journey to a state of complete and total deep relaxation during the session;experiencing a calming effect, lower blood pressure, slower breathing, increased blood circulation, release of natural chemicals in the body know to relax both the mind and body. They will also experience a balancing of the nervous system along with spinal alignment, mental alertness and a sense of being energized.

Positive results from this therapy are expected for Parkinson's Disease, Dementia, Alzheimer's, MS, other neurological disorders, Arthritis, Back and Spinal Injury, De generative Back Disease, and many others.

This therapy system can benefit a wide variety of people. From the healthy to those who suffer from sleep disorders, dementia, depression or stress to name a few. The list is endless. It is a simple solution to reduce the symptoms of stress, depression, and sleep loss without the use of prescription drugs.

Many will also experience some of the following benefits:

*Full and peaceful nights sleep
*A regained sense of Hope
*Improves stress resiliency
*Develops stress tolerance
*Enhances overall mood
*Reduces generalized anxiety
*Produces passive calming effect
*Lowers blood pressure
*Slows breathing
*Increases blood circulation
*Releases certain chemicals in the body through relaxation response. (Increases serotonin production).
*Relieves pain and spasms in muscles and joints
*Decreases muscle tension and headaches

Most sessions run 30 minutes but can be made to accommodate clients needs and schedules. Sessions can be experienced with or without music or with varying types of healing/spiritual sounds as well.
We have found using the vibroacoustic therapy along with the SEAD therapy a wonderful healing experience. Full chakra openings and spinning occur with this combination, thus increasing the healing effect.
So for an incredible personal, spiritual and physical experience call us today to schedule your appointment. We can also travel to you for your own private and personal therapy session in the privacy of your own home or have a group party at your location (for numerous individual sessions).